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Plans change, and when the right road opens up you take it, even if the timing isn't ideal.

We spent the first part of 2012 as we had ended 2011. RJ continued to work in management at McCoy's Building Supply in Georgetown while I looked for a job and waited to see where we would end up. It felt like we were stuck in a holding pattern for a while, but it was OK.

In January I drove a Morgan mare and colt from Fairy's breeder to their new homes in Kentucky and Tennessee, then spent a few weeks at a friend's horse farm. Ranger went with me and had a wonderful time being a farm dog, hanging out with my friend's dogs.

RJ and I took Shania and Rogue camping at Lake Somerville at the end of February with the local Morgan club. It was Rogue's first time away from from home overnight, and he did extremely well and seemed to really enjoy it. Shania was too excited and never settled down, so she was a bit less fun but it was still a good experience.
Rogue Shania

Nik on Rogue and RJ on Shania at Lake Somerville, 2/26/12

In April I took Fairy to the spring fun show with the local Morgan club. She was the only entry in her halter class, so won a blue ribbon for that even though she wouldn't stand still for the judge. There was just too much to see and too many new horses around! I put on a wizard robe and made her a unicorn for the costume class, where we tied for second. She is really growing up, filling out nicely, and has gorgeous dapples.


Unicorn Fairy, 4/21/12

After a year of being unemployed, I was offered a two-year term position with the FDIC in Dallas starting in May. I started work and stayed with friends while RJ worked his last few weeks at McCoy's. I had just signed a lease for a house when RJ got a job offer for a Park Ranger I position at Bullards Beach State Park in Oregon. It's too good of a job to pass up and we want to move to the west coast, so he accepted the job. I cancelled the lease and found a one bedroom apartment, then got set up in Dallas before RJ headed west. I'll stay in Dallas and work for a year or so until we get some bills paid off and savings built up, then I'll join RJ in Oregon. It's not fun being apart for a year, but we talk every day and visit when we can. Ranger, Fairy and Rogue are happy staying with my parents, and I go down to see them (and my parents) every few weeks.

RJ loves being on the Oregon coast. The area is gorgeous, the climate is wonderful, the people are nice and he's really enjoying being a park ranger again. He's the volunteer coordinator and interpretive ranger for the park and spends part of his time doing maintenance and management. He rented a house in Bandon just 5 miles from the park, so he has a short commute. He is getting involved with the local canine search and rescue group and is thinking about training a search dog again, and spends his days off exploring and enjoying the area.


RJ on the beach at Hell's Kitchen, 7/29/12


Coquille Lighthouse, 7/30/12

We're on the right road, just looking forward to when we'll be on that road together again. We'll get there.


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