Kings Valley Splash of Gold, CGC

Kings Valley Splash of Gold is a Smooth Coat Collie, born June 28, 2000. She was purchased from Eva & Leslie Rappaport, at Kings Valley Collies in Kings Valley, Oregon. Her sire is Champion Marnus Golden Ruler, 2000 winner of the Collie Club of America Stud Dog Class. Her dam is Kings Valley Rhyme & Reason (Lyric).

Splash was purchased for her working ability, intelligence, confidence, drive, correct conformation and temperament.

She is an active dog with a sweet, friendly nature. She loves to wiggle into (and out of) tight places, play on the playground (the twisty slide is her favorite), and meet new people. Splash's regal bearing and demeanor have earned her the nickname "Princess," as she retains her dignity and beauty even when romping with her doggie buddies.

See Splash's diary for her actvities and photos.

July 17, 2005, on top of Green Mountain
Splash poses on the overlook at the top of Green Mountain in Boulder County.
July 17, 2005
Splash suffered a hip injury when she was a year old, and although we've tried a variety of treatments and seen many vets, her hip just hasn't getting better. She has a hard time keeping up with us when we're out hiking, and she's often visibly hurting when we get home from even short hikes -- even just walks around the neighborhood. We hate to leave her at home, but it's also hard to see her in pain. When she's hurting she has a hard time even going up and down stairs, and, unfortunately, our house has a split-level floorplan. Her hip hurts more when the weather is cold, which is difficult when we live in Colorado.

After much soul-searching, we decided that Splash would have a better quality of life in a home with a warmer climate and less stressful activity. So we talked to two people who love Splash as much as we do, Nik's parents, Rod and Renee. They have adored Splash since she was a puppy, and have puppy-sat her for several weeks at a time. They have seriously considered getting a Kings Valley puppy of their own, but haven't had the time to raise and train a puppy. They were thrilled to have Splash become a permanent member of their home in December 2005.

Splash is doing very well in her new home in Texas. She loves being the center of attention, and the one-level house and warmer weather seem to be much easier on her hip. Rod often works from home, and Splash has a bed in his office so she can hang out with him all day -- although she gets impatient when she's ready for her evening walk at 5:30pm and he is working late. Renee put a special rug on the couch, so Splash has her own spot to curl up on. Splash is happy and healthy, and Rod and Renee adore her, so although we miss her we're glad she's doing well.

RJ & Nik Rapelje

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